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ApprovedTech work only with the tech industry to generate business

Do you want to grow your business? Are you looking for quality leads? Do you want someone else to do all the legwork in finding warmed up introductions? As a tech business owner, it can be difficult to connect with the right customers to grow your business. There are so many people out there looking for your help, but where do you find them? So much of your marketing is hit and miss. What if you could connect to businesses that are already looking for what you do? With ApprovedTech we have done all the hard work for you. Our extensive marketing and connections have found people that are looking for support from businesses just like you. They are in the market for what you sell and looking for a trusted company to talk to about their plans.​ We provide a link to these customers who have ready cash and are willing to buy. You can make those connections by signing up to our platform.

​Here’s how it works –

sign up to ApprovedTech You sign up to ApprovedTech
lead generation network servicesWe match your services to our database of customers​
lead generation We make the connection for you to do business

ApprovedTech curates the process from start to finish to assure you of quality leads​

There are too many loose connections out there that just don’t turn into business. We are here to connect you with people who want what you provide. They are reassured that we vet all our suppliers, so you get down to business immediately. It works because –​
  • We focus solely on tech services, so have developed the expertise to market these services​
  • All our leads are approved by our team of advisers who qualify each buyer​​
  • We capture quality data from a variety of sources so you know the connection is warmed up​
There’s no better way to do business than to speak to people who are primed to expect your call. The days of cold calling are over – no that ApprovedTech is in town! Don’t fish around for leads that turn into nothing. Your time id far too valuable for that. Let us do the marketing, vetting and qualifying so you get to do business.​​
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We want this to work for you​

You may be reading this thinking that there is going to be a huge outlay of cash for a service like this. You couldn’t be more wrong. We don’t believe in tying people to contracts or charging the earth for what we do. Here at ApprovedTech, we are only as good as what our customers say about us. So we look after them by –
sales leads No Contracts​
lead generation companies No obligation to buy​
best lead generation Low cost leads​
sales leads provider Access all leads​
Don’t try the old way to generate new leads. It’s been proven not to work. Outsource all the stress and hassle to us so you can sit back and wait to speak to people who WANT to speak to you. It’s so much easier.​ We believe in transparency and ease of work. Just so you can see all of the leads we have provided you in one place, we have developed a portal that shows you what you have paid for and you can track how much business that has turned into. Don’t just take our word for it – try it yourself. It costs nothing to join, so sign up today and find out how ApprovedTech will change the way you do business.​